Monday, December 6, 2010

Decor for the Holidays

One of my top priorities for the weekend was to make the apartment festive--decorations were in order.  So I thought I'd share a snapshot of my tree--with its cute snowman ornaments.  As requested, I promise some snowmen projects soon.

In the meantime, today's bingo piece is...the tree.  How fitting!

After the tree, I put up some decor elements.  I took down the fall wreath and replaced it with the leftover snowflakes from Jackie's decor party.  Remember the holiday plate I made earlier?  Well, I used some of the other GIANT snowflakes to decorate our door for the holidays.  A quick and easy way to spruce things up for the holidays.

I also put up these ornaments (on the left), which are now retired.  It was very quick and easy, and now that corner feels just as festive as the one with the (3 foot) tree.  Decor Elements are just great--easy to put up, and just as easy to take down when the time comes.  They adhere directly to the wall, but won't hurt wallpaper, paint, or wood.  If you'd like to see more about how to use Decor Elements, see this great post by Kiran--it's full of useful tips!

I wonder if it will snow soon?



  1. Bingo also!

  2. Two bingos--that's fantastic!! Watch your mail for your prize. And congrats!!