Monday, August 2, 2010

Decor Elements to Go!

Ah, decor elements--we love them.  Between the two of us, Kiran and I have gotten quite a few...both for ourselves and as housewarming gifts for friends.  They're perfect!  We love the designs, the colors, and most of all that they are NOT permanent.  They stick to the walls, but are easy to remove and won't hurt paint, wallpaper, or any other thing.  But what if you don't want to leave your awesome decor element behind when you move?  Well, Kiran has the answer, and detailed how-tos, for you below...  

Use a frame!  I got this one at a local craft store for less than $20.  I'd call that a steal, given how big the large "eat" is.  The next step is to assemble all your pieces, and make sure that the frame really is the right size for your project.

As you might have guessed from that last comment, this decor element was a little bigger than the frame. But it's not a problem!  Stampin' Up! has gridlines on the back of the decor element sheets (how handy), so I could confidently trim in a straight line.

I took the frame apart from the back and simply turned the paper (with the fake photos ) over and added a layer of white cardstock to make sure the images would not be seen.  If you have a roll of paper wide and long enough to cover the frame size, feel free to use it.  You can use different color paper to create a unique and bold look and match just about any room!   Once I flipped the paper over, I put the frame back together again and turned it over.

TIP: make sure you have the frame right side up (check the hooks in the back to make sure it hangs right side up).  If you happen to realize the frame is upside down after you have finished the project, no worries - you can take the frame apart again and just flip the glass but this can be painstaking.

Once the backing is peeled & you're ready to lay the sheet on your surface for transfer, move slowly & cautiously making sure you're not getting lint/hair/debris on the sticky sheet because it might end up on your finished product.  TWO TIPS: Clean the surface first!  I'll be honest, having an extra person to help is really helpful and I'd recommend it. 

Start from a corner and flatten slowly with the decor elements tool moving from edge to edge diagonally with light pressure.  This will eliminate air bubbles/pockets.  TIP: If you do get air pockets, you might be able to use a fine straight pin/needle to poke a hole in the bubble and release the air.  I have a few tiny air bubbles in the handle of the fork but can you tell?  Didn't think so.  When the frame is hung, all you'll hear are the "oooh"s and "aaah"s of your guests.

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~Kiran & Melanie

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