Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Five Minute Makeover

Today is Book-a-thon Blitz!!!  If you've been wanting to make great projects like this, you should host a party.  If you're in the Philly area or NJ, Kiran and I can help you out!  Just send us an email.  Now on to today's project...

I am so excited for the decor party this weekend--I just can't wait!  However, I didn't have a lot of time to work on a project last night, so I decided I would "test out" the Flurry Decor Elements I ordered for Jackie's party.  I knew that the big snowflakes would be BIG, but wow was I surprised when I opened up the package!  Since I'm planning a small-ish project as the make-and-take (to share next week, I promise), I wondered what I should do with those big ones.

I have this glittery red holiday plate that I got at Target a few years ago--I love to pile deserts on it.  It's about 12" wide, just to give you a sense of the size, and you see my chosen snowflake as well as the Applicator Tool in the photo above--be sure to order the applicator!!  (I forgot to get it my first time, and it is MUCH easier with the tool than without).  Anyways, while I love this plate, the paint is on the bottom and it's starting to chip...but I want it to last, and decided one of this giant snowflakes would be just the thing to spruce it up.

After very carefully peeling the Decor Element off its backing sheet, I did my best to center the snowflake on the plate.  I hovered with the snowflake a bit, before I got it exactly where I wanted, and then I pressed down to smooth out any air bubbles and make sure the snowflake was really stuck.  That's this picture--I'm 80% there!

It took me maybe 1.5 minutes to use the applicator to transfer the Decor Element to the plate, then carefully peel back the cover paper and voila!  I have a fabulous plate that I just can't wait to use...though I'm not sure how I can bear to cover up that lovely snowflake with cookies and brownies.  I just love it!  

I have to say, this was the quickest and most satisfying project I've done in quite a while.  I'm sold.  :)

Decor Elements: Flurry 

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