A brief outline of what we offer--for more information, please contact us!

Private classes: Melanie offers both in-home workshops and private classes for free!  Should you host one of these events, you just invite your friends and provide the snacks.  Melanie will bring samples for everyone to check out, and provide all the materials and guidance you and your friends need to make your very own card or scrapbook page to keep.  Melanie will work with you to choose a project that best fits your interests and favorite colors, and everyone will have the opportunity to order the stamps and other supplies featured on this blog to create projects of their own at home.

Invitations and more: Melanie and Kiran collaborate on one-of-a-kind, handmade invitations for any number of events--weddings, showers, special parties.  Invitations range from simple to elaborate, and pricing is available on request.  We will work with you to create each of the elements you would like, including save-the-date cards, RSVPs, table numbers, place cards, and party favors.  Please check the main blog for examples of our work, and get in touch if you have questions or would like to get started on the process.

Personal stationery: If you're looking for special cards that are "just you," simply let us know!  We're happy to make individual cards or sets to suit your personality and the sentiments you'd like to share with your friends and loved ones.  This is a particularly nice idea for the holidays, either for the cards you send or as a gift.  

Card making kits: If you're interested in getting started on making your own cards, Melanie can put together a kit just for you.  Kits typically include a sample card and all the materials you need to make your own, but they can be customized as desired.