Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Library Starter Kit

All of a sudden, it seems like everyone--but me--is having babies.  And I'm just fine with that, but since I lack firsthand experience, I've been at a bit of a loss when it comes to baby gifts.  I don't know what you really need, and I'm terrible at shopping off a registry (which I realize is silly, since registries make things easier).  The problem is, I want to give something that's personal.

I love to read, and I think it's pretty important for kids.  Books almost never appear on baby registries, but I always pick up board books for gifts.  So when I found this poem by Jane Yolen, one of my favorite authors from growing up, I had an AHA! moment.  From now on, I'm giving all new babies a library starter kit.

This one goes in the mail tomorrow, and hopefully my friend will be too busy with her new baby to check out my blog before she opens the gift.  I used the Storytime Kit for My Digital Studio to illustrate the poem, and have it all packaged up with a stack of books so that parents and their wee one can spend some time bonding and expanding their imaginations.  I hope it's a gift that will grow as they do.


My Digital Studio: Storytime Ensemble

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