Thursday, June 30, 2011

Last Chance!

Today is your absolute last day to order from the retiring list...and in my rush to show you all the great stamps that are retiring, I neglected to tell you that a LOT of Decor Elements will also be bidding us farewell.  There is a big change to this product line starting tomorrow which will be great...but also means you can't buy Many Welcomes, which now graces my door, any more.

Why do I love Decor Elements?  Well, the reasons are many, but #1 on my list is the fact that I'm a my home decor isn't in my hands as much I wish it were.  You know the drill--white everything, with no hope of painting, and restrictions on hanging "decorations".  This is where Decor Elements fit in!  I put Many Welcomes on my (very plain) door, since I don't have an entryway.  This doubles as our welcome mat, since our door is at the top of a staircase, with no room for a real mat!  When it's time to move, I can peel these right off and throw them away without harming the paint, thus keeping my ever-important deposit in tact.  Or I can change them sooner, if I change my mind about welcoming everyone in.  (You might recall I had snowflakes on the door around the holidays).  With few other decorating options, Decor Elements are a win-win for me.


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  1. LOVE the way it came out! Blog followers: you can also cut and reposition the decor elements as Mel did here. The original came as one long sheet so she cut from "welcome" and repositioned it before rubbing them on the door. It's customizable & great! =)