Thursday, April 7, 2011


You'll be calling us the sleepy stampers before long!  There's something about slightly warmer weather that always brings us out of our stamping corners for showers, parties, happy hours with long-neglected friends, travel, enjoying the flowers, etc.  And that's in addition to our regular jobs!  So yes, stamping has definitely taken a back seat recently.

Actually, it's blogging more than stamping that has been on the back burner.  We've both been busy filling orders (wedding invitations, shower invitations, house warming get the idea) and making cards for our own use and enjoyment.  So we have a lot stored up to show you, but we need to start sharing!

First up, we'll update the blog look for April--hopefully before the month is half over--and then you should expect to see lots of great things and fun projects.  There will also be sneak peeks before long, since this the last month for the Occasions Mini and I've already put in a pre-order of goodies from the Summer Mini.  So, as always, we ask that you stay tuned!

Melanie & Kiran

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