Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rub-ons for Everything!

In my last card post, I got very excited about our rub-ons (what can I say, I'm excitable!  And they are great!).  So this post is a continuation...but these rub-ons are from the Definitely Decorative line, which means that they're for more than cards.

The photo above is my sister's bedroom.  Jackie lives in a apartment, which means plain colored walls and not a lot of options.  We've all been there, or are there currently.  But the beauty of Decor Elements (rub-ons for your walls) is that they don't affect paint, plaster, etc--so make your apartment your own!  When it's time to move out, just carefully peel the Decor Element off the wall and throw it out (they're only good for one use).  It's that easy!  Best of all, your landlord will never know...

Next up is Kiran--I told you she'd be making repeat appearances--and her fabulous IKEA dresser.  Check out picture one (and ignore that top drawer).  It's a big dresser that gets the job done, but it doesn't add much character to the bedroom, if you know what I mean.  So Kiran and I got to work...

Look at it now!  The dresser looks great in the picture (if I do say so myself), but even better in person.  Those drawer fronts look almost like they're inlaid, and everyone who sees it just says "WOW."  What did we do?  Well, Kiran bought two big sheets (since retired) and we cut each in half lengthwise.  Then we measured the drawers--twice to be sure--and marked with pencil where the decor elements should go.  After that, it was all following Stampin' Up!'s directions, and we were super proud of ourselves!  This is the first time either of us had used any Decor Elements, so we certainly weren't professionals...but look again.  Who would know?

Back to Jackie.  Since she liked her tree and birds so much, I've gotten her a few more decor elements for her birthday and Christmas.  As you'll see with her new flour and sugar bins, these aren't just for walls.  And that fun EAT is the perfect bright red touch for the door between Jackie's kitchen and dining room, since all of her kitchen supplies are red.  It's a sign that makes a statement!

Interested in getting some Decor Elements of your own?  Just let me know, and I'll hook you up with a catalog all your own.


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