Monday, September 22, 2014

New Address Cards

I've moved too often for this to still be exciting, but it is.  I just love designing and sending out new address cards.  The links in that sentence will take you to the previous versions, and here is the one we just mailed.  As always, this was so easy to make in My Digital Studio--which you should totally download, if you haven't already.

The Fifty Nifty kit comes with outlines and punches for all the states, as well as this card almost all designed.  The original design uses the state of Texas, which takes up a lot of card space, but we didn't move to Texas.  So I deleted the things I didn't want and made Massachusetts a lot bigger (Note: you can do this with SVG files with no pixelation worries.  So glad MDS has switched to SVGs now!  The older files aren't all switched over, so be sure you check the format.)

I picked a favorite patterned paper to fill the state, put our address on the back, and then ordered a lot of these from the new printing service.  They arrived quickly, with envelopes, and I was ready to go.  By far the longest part of this process was getting the cards in the mail, but I *think* everyone whose address I had should have one now.  I hope they'll visit!


My Digital Studio: Nifty Fifty, Sycamore Street

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