Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mostly Unpacked

We're here, and the boxes are mostly gone.  Of course, I'm worried that the boxes we have left might be with us for a seems that we've run out of steam.

On the flip side, I'm almost ready to share my new creative corner with you, and it's definitely time that I get some stamping in!  Today's quick post is to share a piece of framable art that I made with MDS2--it's definitely worth the upgrade.  It's also worth checking MDS out this month, because all printed projects are 31% off in the month of August.

The big question is...will I have time to get any done before the month ends?  Probably not.  But that shouldn't stop you!


MDS2: Fifty Nifty Kit, World Spectacular Kit, Home Sweet Home, Valentine Post Kit

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