Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Digital Brainstorming!

As promised, here is the first of many digital cards coming your way!  These are for a client that just got married in September.  She needs to get her thank you cards out and asked that I help.  After giving her the Color Coach and our MK Brainstorm Sheet, she knew the colors she wanted to use but was still undecided with the design.  I knew she wanted something simple with "fuschia" (aka melon mambo), whisper white and a heart if possible.

MDS to the rescueeeee!  Sorry, I sang it out loud as I typed it.  This is where MDS is great.  I can simply upload these four card fronts as jpeg files and email them to her.  I can even send these in to be printed and minimize the amount of cutting and punching I'm actually doing.  Instant [almost] cards!

I'll keep you posted as to which one she chooses so be sure to stay tuned as I'm sure that project will make it to the blog.  =)

Colors: melon mambo, whisper white
Extras: MDS

Happy (virtual) Stamping!

PS-the next holiday bingo piece is the penguin!


  1. Bingo!!!

    Candle, Ice Skate, Free Space, Tree, Cardinal

  2. Fantastic!! Send us an email and we'll let you know about your prize. The address is mkstampaway (at) gmail (dot) com