Monday, November 5, 2012

Fall For This Gorgeous Wreath!

This beauty is hanging on my front door right now:

All you need is what you see below.  And, you can customize it however you like.  I chose metallic gold as my accent color (to match my door knobs/hardware) but there are as many possibilities as there are colors of spray paint.  The wreaths would be just as beautiful with accents of white or silver painted pine cones.  

How great would these be as holiday/Thanksgiving table centerpieces or a table scape?  You can put these around platters with pillar candles of varying heights.  Or, you can fit the wreath snugly around vases or glass cylinders (filled with more pine cones or water & floating candles)  by getting smaller wreath forms.

Hope you have a great time decorating your front door!

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